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With the rise of fast fashion due to competitive pricing and the “wear once” mindset, the amount of fashion we consume has doubled over the last 15 years and 30% of our garments haven't been worn during the past year. The same textile production industry produces approximately 1.2 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent per year, overtaking the aviation and shipping industries combined.

We believe that the benefits of sharing rather than owning are clear:

Usage: Increased usage of the items you already own and love
Waste: Reduce waste by saying goodbye to whim-filled shopping 
Space: An refined wardrobe that values quality 
Cost: A more cost-effective approach to a new look

Community: Connecting with the community through sharing and at By Rotation meet-ups

As a community of style-conscious individuals reconsidering our environmental footprint, sustainability is at the core of By Rotation.

"Rent what you need, lend what you don't"

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